Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Nokia N9 .... and no glory at all :(

So finally Nokia made sure the N9 wont succeed by setting an unrealistic high price point.
The first Nokia mobile with very positive reviews in a very long time and Nokia desperatly tries to make it loose - just to legitimate the switch to Windows Phone.

I wonder what had to go wrong, to make a company like Nokia decide to make itself completly dependent on a single software company and let in-house know-how and potential accumulated over the past 10 years just go away. Take Samsung for comparison - their Android smartphonse do really well - but just in case something unfourtunate would happen - they still have plenty of other options like Bada.

I can't help but to feel a bit sad, the 770 and N800 were great development platforms. Instead of just using the linux kernel and some non-unix userland (owned and controlled by a single company), that platform really was linux on a phone. My 770 is still used as internet gateway, firewall and postgresql server.

Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

WebSockets for rescue

Today I hacked together a prototype using WebSockets for data transfer, just to see how much it would gain - and the results are impressive! Over my high-latency line (~120ms ping) using http caciocavallo-web was barely useable, using websockets there was only a slight delay. Even moving internal frames arround felt almost smooth.

So it seems after all the work there is a chance for it to be more than a nice demo =)
Unfourtunatly by hacking the prototype together, almost all of the existing stuff has been broken - and it will require some serious refactoring to integrate it smoothly. But for sure it would be worth the effort :)

Now it's up to the html5/browser guys/girls, to finally spec WebSockets and implement the missing features like binary data transfer.