Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Chaos 2011

This year my trip to Fosdem was surrounded by chaos....

On Friday my Flight to brussels was delayed because of fog (in fact, we had to take a 2h bus trip to another airport), after ~14h of traveling I was just too tired to join you guys drinking ;)

The sightseeing planned on Friday now had to be done on Saturday/Sunday morning. When I arrived at Fosdem many talks I was interested in were full. Unfourtunatly no evening-event on Saturday.

On Sunday my backpack was stolen, including my passport. Missed the Gervill presentation, not in mood for evening-event...
Even with a notice of loss issued by the police and a copy of my passport I was not allowed to leave. Went by train, without a passport.
Had luck however, met David in the train who also attends the technical university vienna =)

So even if Fosdem-2011 was great again this year, I am a bit disappointed - didn't even find the time to talk to other attendees, which was what I was looking foreward to most.

After all, the talks as well as the exhibiting projects (really should give Haiku-OS a try soon) were awesome! Thanks everybody!