Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Nokia N9 .... and no glory at all :(

So finally Nokia made sure the N9 wont succeed by setting an unrealistic high price point.
The first Nokia mobile with very positive reviews in a very long time and Nokia desperatly tries to make it loose - just to legitimate the switch to Windows Phone.

I wonder what had to go wrong, to make a company like Nokia decide to make itself completly dependent on a single software company and let in-house know-how and potential accumulated over the past 10 years just go away. Take Samsung for comparison - their Android smartphonse do really well - but just in case something unfourtunate would happen - they still have plenty of other options like Bada.

I can't help but to feel a bit sad, the 770 and N800 were great development platforms. Instead of just using the linux kernel and some non-unix userland (owned and controlled by a single company), that platform really was linux on a phone. My 770 is still used as internet gateway, firewall and postgresql server.


User hat gesagt…

Sure, same weird stuff happened to HP, when news of getting rid of PC sales plummeted their stock price.

Nokia, instead of quickly adopting Android for a few years until MeeGo is ready - did the worst thing instead - it became the little bitch of Microsoft and lost a lot of credibility and financial sovereignty.

Unknown hat gesagt…

I totally agree. I love the n900 I have..