Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

SwingSet2 demo online - and focus issues resolved :)

After a coding session last evening with Roman and Mario, we were finally able to sort out the remaining focus issues. Together with some event-handling fixes (no swallowed events anymore) and memory-leaks-plugs (one caused by SwingSet2 itself) I implemented things are coming together quite nicely.

Roman was so kind to host SwingSet2 on his vServer:

Enjoy :)

PS1: No idea wether it can handle the load, at the first announcement it ran out of servlet threads almost immediatly. Update: Ok server overloaded again, please don't leave it open for ages to avoid lurking sessions.
PS2: Keep in mind this was designed for low-latency lines
PS3: It still only supports german keyboards :p


Christiaan hat gesagt…

Wow, Clemens this is so cool!!!!! Congrats with the result!
It didn't work under IE8 with Chrome frame plugin, but on Chrome it did. Looks great, with good response! After a while it seemed to lock, no surprise with such an early release.

In fact, today I did a similar test with our application accessible through html5 through rdp, looked great as well! Tried it on an IPad, looked good as well, however, touchpad mode (absolute coordinates for mouse) didn't work, so you really had to drag the mouse to the right location before clicking on a button. Have you considered this as well?

If you like I can send you a login as well, so you can do a comparison.

Again, fantastic work!

kind regards,

Heinz hat gesagt…

Hey Clemens,

great work but your default way of testing the performance of a GUI (click on a menu entry, press and hold the arrow key, ...) does not work. What's up with you? You are getting old. ;)


Linuxhippy hat gesagt…

@Heinz: Believe me it does! you just lack the required bandwith to do so *zz*
Just tested over lan, works like a charme :)

Nice to hear from you :)!

Christian Ullenboom hat gesagt…

a) Strg+C/Strg+V (Strg got swollowed)
b) ALT is not detected for accelerators/menu selection
c) double click should select a word, but this doesn't work
d) bind the the size of the Swing-screen to the size of the browser window and handle resizements

Beside that: it's great, I love it :)