Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Load testers wanted ;)

After fighting with memory-leaks in the demo-applications, as well as a concurrency bug in java.awt.EventQueue, cacio-web should be ... almost ... rock solid finally.
Guess AWT simply was never tested with 20+ concurrent sessions ;)

Even if tried already, in case you have some time left, please play arround a bit:

Would be great to see it behaves also well under real-world load :)


Christiaan hat gesagt…

Definitely an improvement! On the previous run, it hang after a minute or so, with this version no "hangs" detected.

Switching to "nimbus" look and feel seems problematic. I get it activated by switching back to java look&feel and back again to nimbus.

Performance still leaves room for improvement (compared to our environment). Also, my mouse pointer is shown as an hour glass most of the time. Moreover, the webpage tab in chrome keeps spinning as if it is loading, with the message "waiting for icedrobot.de" in the statusbar.

Would be nice to see the number of users logged in for your load test;-)

kind regards,

Linuxhippy hat gesagt…

Hi Christiaan,

Nice to hear back from you :)

1. LookAndFeel
Unfourtunatly the LookAndFeel stuff is not AppContext seperated, so for now switching lnf is unsupported.

2. Performance
Yep, there are a few improvements, especially on the latency side I plan to work on, wireshark just told me a few inefficiencies. WebSocket-Support will help too. Also the demo only used RLE encoding to keep server-load low (as I wanted to test caciocavallo-web itself, not the png-encoder).

Regarding the RDP demo link, is the offer still valid?

- Clemens

Christiaan hat gesagt…

Sure, I send you an email on your gmail. Did you receive it?


Albert Flaig hat gesagt…

Hi, can you release the source for this example?