Freitag, 14. Mai 2010

Linux Desktop Experience

Today I decided to update the Fedora-10 installation on my father's PC.
Its an old Athlon-600 with 384mb ram, KDE4.2 was way too heavy and the proprietary nvidia driver didn't accelerate 2D stuff well - the overall desktop experience wasn't so pretty.
I thought installing a modern distribution using the lxde desktop would help here, and nouveau would provide descent EXA/2D support.

1. Installation of Fedora-13-Rc3 LXDE spin live cd failed, "Install to Disk" simply aborted.
2. Downloaded Fedora-12 LXDE spin live cd, didn't boot at all.
3. Downloaded Ubuntu-10.04. Azureus crashed on my Laptop in Hotspot's server JIT.
Installation worked well, however only used fbdev - nouveau backtraces in dmesg.
4. Went to Ubuntu Launchpad, registered for an account, filed a bug and .... launchpad reported timeouts.

So of course, I can make Linux work on Desktop, however to be honest ... I doubt an average PC user would be able to solve the problems mentioned above. This is a boring, old computer without any fancy hardware.

OK here's another one:
5. Tried Fedora-13 Netinstall, refuses to start graphical mode because too little ram (384mb + 1gb swap)
6. Anaconda in text mode is *crap*. Partition manager non existent (and buggy!), ugly LVM based default partitioning, no package selection.
7. Install Lubuntu 10.4 + proprietary nvidia driver. Works well (horray!)