Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

Fglrx to get XRender hw acceleration

According to Phoronix fglrx (AMD's closed-source graphic driver) has experimental support for accelerating 2D, I guess that means XRender (too?). I've been told for a long time by an AMD guy they are working on this, however after waiting for over a year I already gave up hoping for improvements.

Basically this is really great (if they produce something useable), because now *all* drivers have solid XRender support:
  • NVidia's proprietary drivers are best in class, doing even Trapezoids on the GPU (for GTX260++)
  • All major open-source drivers (intel, radeon, nouveau) support XRender quite well
  • Hopefully soon fglrx will accelerate it soon too.

So basically 95% of hw in use has drivers with quite good XRender support :)
And even on hardware/driver combos that don't accelerate it well, pixman fallbacks shouldn't be much slower than what java does with its X11 pipeline.

I would love to see it enabled in JDK7 by default, even it that would mean a lot of work + compatibility testing. JDK7 is still early enough to get serious testing. As optional pipeline, it seems notbody uses it (or it just works) ;)

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

vServer troubles

me: Hi, my vServer has been shut down. Could please start it again?
Support: You were running tor. This is not permitted.
me: I only found paragraphs about IRC. Where is tor mentioned?
Support: In the AGB.
me: I made a copy of the contract and it only says IRC servers are forbidden.
Support: Another machine has been hacked from your tor server.
That was the reason we took you offline. We will sue you.
me: My tor is configured as relay only, its not an exit node. Therefor no hacks are possible.
Support: I won't discuss that any further. Please send an email to support@ ......

Bottom line is my vServer is up again, nobody has been hacked, and nobody will sue me ;)