Mittwoch, 18. März 2009

UXA ... unuseable slow

I just recently filed a bug about horrible performance when runnig the existing X11 pipeline using intel's forked UXA accaleration architecture. AWT applications are extremly slow, hardly useable.

> We don't intend to fix this in UXA ourselves. If you're drawing unantialiased
> text in 2009, your software fails. If you're not using Xft or cairo for text
> drawing in 2009, your software fails even harder (it would perform fine if you
> were).

So, it seems intel doesn't care they broke your software :-/


rkennke hat gesagt…

Wow, what a crazy response. Why shouldn't I draw unaliased in 2009? Or why should I use Xft or Cairo. WTF?

Linuxhippy hat gesagt…

I guess what he was talking about using legacy interfaces as its not just java, X11 core fonts are slow as well.

However, I feel rather uncomfortable about the style of the reply...

Somatik hat gesagt…

Lots of bugs reported on intel driver issues in linux. I suppose they want us to buy nforce based systems or ati/nvidia cards.

Dmitri hat gesagt…

Riight. After all there's only a few X11 applications left around, I mean, just a few tens of thousands.. Who cares about those!

anholt hat gesagt…

If Xft or cairo was used, even for unantialiased text, it would be fast because the fallback code has been written for that.

There has to be some point at which we stop spending the limited resources of our group on the performance of some paths, or we spend all our time working on old performance compatibility and never getting features implemented. I think 8 years is a fair amount of time for "fix your software".

But hey, it's open source. You've got all the pieces yourself if you'd rather work around Java's graphics sucking instead of fixing Java.

Linuxhippy hat gesagt…

This project is exactly about fixing "Java's graphics sucking" ;)

I understand there's no priority optimizing your drivers for legacy software, I was just shocked _how_ bad this turned out. AWT apps now are really painful to use, so I assumed something goes terribly wrong here.

By the way, thanks for taking a look at my other reports :)