Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008


I've released JXRenderMark-0.6, a XRender benchmark written in C which stresses functionality the pipeline depends on. The idea is to be able to show acceleration problems with the benchmark rather than having to build one-time testcases for each incident.

source, binary and results can be found at:

JXRenderMark-0.6 has been integrated into the phoronix benchmark suite :)

NVidia Driver:
NVidia released the second release of the 180.* beta drivers. This release is impressing, especially with the fixes I did last week to the pipeline.
Almost the whole Java2Demo is accelerated, with the only exception of Gradients - all animations just fly :)
A Lightbeam-Nimbus run takes 6200ms, 5200 when I disabled gradient rendering in the pipeline and 4700 with Mask*-Operations and Gradients turned off.
Hopefully Gradients will soon be accalerated, and not only for GF8+ but also GF6/7.

Offscreen pixmaps:
Offscreen-Pixmaps in the X11 pipeline are no more, if you're running on an EXA based driver.
I've written a patch which disables them in the case java is running local and SHMPixmaps are not available, to avoid the 5-10x slowdown linux users were experiencing after distributions defaulted to EXA.
Better no accaleration than some. Will be in JDK6u12 :)

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