Montag, 17. November 2008

university practical

1.) I am currently trying to find a professor who accepts the xrender-pipeline-rewrite project as university practical. It seems to be a problem that the pipeline does not fit well in an institute's sector, because it covers many fields but nothing in depth.
So if a professor of TU or university vienna is reading this ... ;)

2.) I gave the LightBeam/Nimbus benchmark another try with the new 180.06 Beta-drivers on my GF6600.
XRender: 6800ms / Software: 7600ms / X11: 16000ms

Although there are still performance problems left (we depend on solid operations on A8 destination, but for now the binary driver doesn't support it for GF6/7), the new pipeline is already faster than software-only.
And this was on a single-core CPU, so no benefits because X & java running simultaneously ;)

The new beta release also disables SHMPixmaps by default now, explaining the bad performance of the X11 pipeline. So there are not many drivers left supporting SHMPixmaps - I guess soon Linux users will start to complain about low performance of swing interfaces.


Somatik hat gesagt…

is this related?

Linuxhippy hat gesagt…

Yes it is, it should be worked-arround with JDK6u12 if everything turns out well.

Linuxhippy hat gesagt…

Somatik hat gesagt…

super, i'll check it out but can't log in to the sun bug tracker right now, i'll reply on launchpad