Mittwoch, 5. November 2008

ATI - Catalyst Linux Drivers

I recently tried ATI's Catalyst 8.10 driver to see how well it accalerates XRender on my Radeon HD3850.

To be honest it was quite a disappointment:
  • RENDER accaleration has to be enabled manually, using the Textured2D/TexturedXRender
  • Locks up on my machine immediatly w/o those options.
  • Other users report screen corruptions when enabling TetxuredXRender, overall it does not seem to work very well.
I really like AMD for releasing their specs, but when it comes to drivers they are currently last.
Novell developers paid by AMD work on RadeonHD, which doesn't provide accaleration of R600/700 (HD2/3/4) and R500(X1x00) accaleration is just copy&paste from the open-source radeon-driver.

Their propietary driver doesn't do well at all for 2D accaleration, at least what I have heard and experienced.
So for now their is no useable RENDER accaleration for ATI's latest GPU generation (released in 2006), not by the closed-source one, and not by any existing open-source driver.

I opened a (rather lobby-oriented) bug-report:
Would be great if you could post a comment and show that there are users who care about 2D accaleration, and not only 3DMark points.

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