Samstag, 11. Oktober 2008

NVidia 178.80 :)

Finally the new NVidia drivers (178.80) went gold, and they are impressive :)
They perform extremly well over a broad range of RENDER operations and they don't seem to have any performance weaks the pipeline hits (except subpixel AA text on GF7 and below).
One bug which affects TexturePaints shows up in some Java2Demo's, but I guess this small problem should be fixed soon.

Furthermore, the git of the intel-driver now archieves 960.000glyphs/s on my 945GM, even without GEM, so text should no longer be a bottleneck for the swing benchmarks. Odly I am experiencing other slowdowns with this driver and I was not able to locate their reason - they are not caused by fallbacks, and a lot of time is spent in kernel. Maybe sysprof can help here...

Prebuild packages with the pipeline should be available soon, I am just waiting to get my vServer account activated.
Currently I am struggeling with the transformed blit rewrite ... hmm ... somebody with a good background about AffineTransformations out there? ;)

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