Dienstag, 30. September 2008

OpenJDK Challenge Results

Finally the waiting is over and the Challenge winners have been announced, Congratulations to all winners!
The projects are really cool and I am quite curious to see how they will evolve.
Of course I was quite suprised that the XRender project has won the Gold Medal :)

Thanks a lot to Dmitri Trembovetski who supported the project from the very beginning by offering to act as contact point, who was always patient and very helpful ... and even had a minute or two to talk about non technical stuff :)
Thanks of course also to the 2d-dev team who, especially in the beginning, tolerated all my neverending newbie questions and all people involved in the Challenge.
And last but of course not least thanks to Sun for open-sourcing java and for sponsoring the challenge.

Of course I'll continue to work on the project and that is what I hope will happen in the short term:
  1. Build binaries so that its easy to test it without spending a day (or two^^) compiling and patching OpenJDK. If your intention is using ordinary Swing apps with Ocean LnF your chances are good to see really good performance even with the current drivers :)
  2. Implement some outstanding optimizations and fix remaining bugs.
  3. Test on Xorg git to see if showstoppes and performance problems are present, test as much hardware as possible and report all bugs. Goal would be to have infrastructure available which is able to run the Xrender pipeline really well.

After so much excitment its time for a cold beer and StarTrek ;)


Dmitri hat gesagt…

Congratulations! Hopefully we can have some beer together when (and if) I come to Wien next year =)


cc hat gesagt…

Congrats! It's great to see all your hard work paying off (literally)!


Linuxhippy hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for the congratulations!
I hope the work will also pay off for Sun, OpenJDK and the end-users ;)

Dmitri: Looking foreward to meet you here :)