Mittwoch, 24. September 2008

NVidia Driver Bug

Finally I was able to hunt down the bug that caused ugly artifacts with the new NVidia beta drivers, things like this:

It seems to be a race-condition in the driver, if we do something like this (however that would work, because we would use another, optimized code-path which doesn't trigger the bug):
g.setColor(yellow); g.fillRect(); g.setColor(red); g.fillRect();
It seems the driver doesn't make sure the setColor really finished before it starts with fillRect, so it could be that the second rect is not red, but also yellow.

Hopefully all that bug-hunting will soon lead to good drivers ;)


There were some doubts wether Xorg's software implementation is correct, as it differs with what the Intel driver currently does I filed a bug some time ago. Luckily the Intel driver will follow the software implementation, the Radeon driver already does as far as I know.
This change means that we can implement transformed blits a bit more efficiently, if no filtering is requested.

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