Mittwoch, 24. September 2008

Java Gears

To be able to compare the XRender pipeline's performance with other Libraries like QT or cairo, I ported qgears2 (a port of the original cairo-gears program to QT4) to Java:

Sure, its nothing to rely on, but at least a nice demo and at least gives some indication where we are when it comes to shape rendering.

EXA: 32/85 (No AA / AA)
XAA: 120/100

Java Gears:
EXA: 220/60
XAA: 200/82

So for aliased rendering Java running the XRender pipeline is quite a good deal faster, but we are behind when it comes to antialiased rendering.
I guess a large amount of cycles accounts to xlib/xcb, we hit 17500 context switches per second, I filed a bug about the problem discussed recently:
This was on Xorg-, so the EXA results are influenced by some performance problems that version has.

I'll have to ask zack, if he agrees source will be available soon.


Dmitri hat gesagt…

Nice! Would be cool if you could package it as webstart app (should be easy with netbeans).


Ben hat gesagt…

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