Freitag, 29. August 2008


My train-flatrate ticket will expire soon, so I'll take another trip to vienna downloading a new OpenSolaris build tomorrow.
I haven't been very successful with 2008.05 (it does not even boot on my laptop), hopefully newer versions will work smoother.

Build95 seems way better than 2008.05. The package-manager worked out-of-the-box, the new shell seems to be bash-compatible and changing the desktop-resoltion no longer crashes the system running in VirtualBox.

However it fails building OpenJDK, as far as I can see the SunStudio compiler dies:
CC: Fatal error in ccfe: Killed
sun.font/fontmanager/obj/CursiveAttachmentSubtables.o Error 1
Hopefully this is a known problem, with a known workarround, because it starts to become frustrating.

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