Samstag, 2. August 2008

Solaris, Radeon HD3850

Recent progress:
The past few days I worked further on the project-page (will be online soon), fixed some bugs and continued to work on get it on solaris building.
For now it fails at linking-stage, I don't know but the linked complains it can't find a symbol located in, when linking The same stuff works on linux :-(

All the code is in the repository, so if you are curios give it a try :)
Just build it and specify -Dsun.java2d.xrender=True at the command line, and highest graphic performance will be yours ;)

Radeon 3850:

I also bought a Radeon HD3850, the card was extremly cheap, probably because its sold out in favour of its 4850 successor - its a nice upgrade for my brothers computer and gives me the opportunity to test against the RadeonHD driver.

This means I can test the following hardware-driver combinations at home:
Nvidia: proprietary / nouveau / nv (uninteresting)
AMD: RadeonHD / radeon (on RV420) / propietary (uninteresting)
Intel: 945GM

Maybe a collection of IGPs like VIA chrome or sis GPUs would be nice to have, I hope I can find some testers :)

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