Dienstag, 5. August 2008


2 hours ago the deadline ended, 6 projects have been submited - wow there've been some really cool things happening over the past few months :)
Well now the challenge is over ... but of course the project will live on.

The next few days I'll be recovering a bit, I guess the only good thing about deadlines is that everything is just cut off after it.
Wait ... maybe I'll profile nimbus and fillrect performance before ;)

Update: After stubbing out all MaskFills, MaskBlits, Paints as well as transformed blits, performance improved by only ~18%, for the Lightbeam-Nimbus test published on the project-page.
The profile looks very similar to MigLayout's. Most of time is spent on the X-Server in glyph composition, so once the glyph enhancements are there also nimbus should benefit a lot :)

Also a stand-alone testcase shows XAA beeing twice as fast for 20x20 rects than EXA.

In general EXA seems to suffer at least with Xorg-server-1.5 a quite high per-primitive overhead, hopefully this is better when 1.6 will be released. For example for the 20x20 rect 10% of cpu time is spent in the driver, the rest in XOrg.

My goal would be to have all functionality required to run the XRender pipeline (with the image-scale fix in place) accalerated in xorg-server-1.6 as well as intel-2.6.

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Dmitri hat gesagt…

Congratulations on finishing the project, good job!