Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008

Yet another Intel driver bug

1.) Today I had a great idea how transformed images could be implemented *efficiently* using XRender once RepeatPad is implemented and accalerated.

The main problem was the need to generate the geometry of the transformed image to clip away the PAD surrounding the image (GL_CLAMP).
However if a mask is used with the same size of the source-image (or a larger mask with clip-rectangles) and filtered with nearest, this already represents the final geometry.
If a mask with the scaled size is used and billinear filtering, I guess it could be used for implementing antialiased image rendering.

2.) Today I discovered the 3rd intel-driver bug:

On the top you can see how the result should look like and on the bottom how it actually does look ;)
The problem is that if a mask has a transformation set, its clip-rectangles are ignored.

Of course I'll test it on nouveau tomorrow ;)

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