Montag, 14. Juli 2008

Swing artifacts

Today I was working on removing show-stoppers from the existing pipeline.
I also investigated the problem with the artifacts I see when running swing applications (unuseable, most components only paint at mouseover).
Although I still don't know whats causing this bug, but at least I know now where to start.
Clipping seems to be the problem, if I comment out clip-validation almost all elements paint properly - I hope I can find some short code to reproduce the problem.

Well here is s hort overview what has to be done for the "hack"-pipeline:
- Transformed blit (to be consistent with Java2D's rendering)
- Scale-quality adjustent (for now everything is smooth-scaled)
- Swing artifacts
- Extra alpha for mask and texture fills doesn't work
- CopyArea unimplemented

Of course there well be even more bugs pop up when I solve the problem with corrupted swing, but I hope that at the end of the week I can release a pipeline which works ok for most uses.
After this release I'll work on rewriting it, so that it can exist beside the X11 pipeline.

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