Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008

Rewrite in Java?

Bugs and Glitches:
Well there are still some open issues I know about, and many small glitches which have to be fixed - however I hope that this will be done in the following two days and I'll start implementing the rewrite which hopefully will not be that ugly ;)

Rewrite in Java:
The current hack is more or less completly written in C (like the old pipeline), however with the mask-batchbuffer-work I actually realize how little interaction I really need with the C-libraries.
Some time ago I had an email conversaion with roman kennke about making the new XRender pipeline work with his java-only AWT implementation and the idea seemed really nice - however the way I started with the pipeline made it rather impossible.

In theory all I need to do is drawing lines and rects and playing a bit with dest and source parameters, in fact it would also make batching much more useful ... bringing the design closer to the STR approach again ;)

Well I still don't know wether I should go this route, the "deadline" is pretty close and any design mistakes could bring me way behind schedule. After all ... its only 3 weeks till then. If I could only have a little more time ;)

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