Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008


Yesterday I started to make my pipeline work well with Nimbus.
The first test results were mixed - rendering was correct but performance was really bad.
The reason was that Nimbus uses translucent VIs, and I completly forgot to allow this.
Well performance is a lot better now, but the result is not that appealing:

The xorg-profile looks quite welll with the exception of gradients which are currently not accalerated.
EXA seems to move all pixmaps out of vram if a single pixmap cannot be migrated to vram, which leads to about 70% of xorg's time spent in moving pixmaps arround.
Even if they don't accalerate gradients in hw, I hope they will do better than that in future.

Xorg Bug or feature:
I am not sure, but I guess I ran into another Xorg-Bug - or its just a feature I don't see the use for.
In fact it makes my "life" quite hard :-/

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