Samstag, 26. Juli 2008

MaskFill again

Yesterday I had a cool idea about MaskFills, which are currently not as fast as I would like them to be ;)

Although the mask-upload-path for now is far from ideal (however this can be improved), a lot of overhead is caused by the fact that only 32x32 (or smaller) large tiles are processed, one after another.
So there is significant overhead setting up all the composition parameters for such a small operation - however I hope that drivers will also improve in that area.

One idea would be to use the mask-buffer-composition-tile, which currently is 256x256 by default. The small tiles could be shmput'ed to those mask and with a single composition operation (or more if the area is larger than the tile). The worst case would be again a diagonal line - where a lot of empty space would be composited - however, even in that case I think the new approach would be significant faster.
The fewer composition operations should easily compensate the wasted fillrate.
My goal would be 250-300fps in the LineAnim Java2D test.

So that would be one cool thing to do next week, if I won't get flooded with enhancement requests from the j2d guys ;)

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