Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

Line performance

After a lot of profiling and tuning line/draw performance is now quite ok, however for single diagonal lines the overhead is quite high.
I have some further ideas for optimizations, but I'll do them later - the project isn't really on scedule, so I'll focus on making things work ;) - and do those optimizations later.

The challenge was that EXA always ping-ponged the mask pixmap between sysram and vram, because it thought accalerating the fillRects() from drawScanline() is a good idea, actually it was a pretty bad one.
For now I have two masks, one I render the scanlines to and another for rendering the lines.
I render first the lines, blit the line-mask to the rect-mask, clean the line-mask with the same lines again but black-color and draw the rects to the rect-mask.
Sounds pretty horrible, after all this gave me best performance at the expence of one additional accalerated blit.
Its pretty hard to keep the line-mask in sysram (not even a fillRect for clearing the pixmap is allowed), after studying EXA's source I found it uses a "dirty" concept. If I use fillRect, the native surface is marked "dirty" and the next time a software-fallback happens EXA does a vram-readback ... well or somehow like this ;)

Yes this relies pretty much on expected behaviour, however it works also quite well with NVidia's proprietary driver - which is capable of accalerating lines. However, there is overhead of course.

Well after those optimizations were done, it worked well on Xorg-1.3, but completly sucked on Xorg-1.5, because of the performance-bug already mentioned:
and because of a new bug (so the report covers two regressions in fact),
A big thanks to Michel Dänzer who immediatly replied and fixed the second bug, and to Eamon Walsh for working on the remaining one.

Whats going on currently:
Well I am trying to fix all the stuff I know about, especially the thing where I know what causes the bug ;)
However, I still don't know where the swing-corruptions come from, maybe because copyArea is not implemented for now.

Well, here's whats going on for now:

Most of the Java2Demos work already fine, and with the hacks performance is ~ok.
I also worked arround some performance-bugs in Xorg when using Pictures without drawable, I simply don't use them anymore.
A kingdom for GL_LINE or however its called ;)

Whats next?:

Well after some finishing on the buffer-code, I'll try to get a clean pipeline implemented, that finally can be uploaded into the repositor.

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