Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008 Project Project:

I've created a project, to allow participation and reviewing.
For now I don't use subversion, the "releases" are uploaded as tarballs - however I plan to change this soon.
The first release called "0.0.1" is really a development-only review, it will be completly rewritten soon so I recommend not wasting your time reading it ;)
The project-page can be found here:

Text benchmarks:
Last time I benchmarked, Dmitri asked about benchmarks done with J2DBench, however I was not familiar with it and only had a look at it recently. What a great and helpful tool :)

I've done some text-benchmarks with it, here are the results:


Results are in chars/s with a 12pt font drawn directly to screen in 16-char blocks.
Currently there is some progress speeding up Xorg's glyph compositing, I guess with the patches it should be possible to reach ~500.000c/s for all three cases: Link

I did some other benchmarks and with the old "architecture" it seems text is really the only piece which is faster when a solid color is used. Although I expected some slowdowns, they were sometimes horrible :-/
Just another sign which underlines the need for the batched-mask-rendering approach.

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