Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

Building on OpenSolaris

Today I installed OpenSolaris-2008.05 in VirtualBox, took some time but works quite well.
Bridging the network to allow Solaris to download the Sun-Studio compilers took even more time and making OpenJDK build ... well ;)

1.) You need both gcc and Sun-Studio compilers
2.) You'll need cups-headers, in package SUNWcups. If "pkg install SUNWcups", can't find anything, run "pkginstall refresh" first
3.) If compiling the freetype-test fails with some cryptic relocation errors, install SUNWtoo
4.) If it bails out because it can't find sys/audio.h and other stuff, install SUNWaudh (this is not sanity checked).
5.) Install X11 headers (also not santity checked).

If you don't know how the package you need is called, just do
pkg search -lr file_contained_in_package
to get a list with packages containing the file.

Well, at least I can now also compile the hibernated patches on Deflater/Inflater after the challenge, don't know if I would have gone past this just for those patches ;)

Just tried to re-boot because I got some strange error messages when I shut the system down.
Well at least I know now that I should update the whole system when installing SUNWtoo. ARRG!

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