Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008

Better ...

Today I found two bugs which led to the corruptions with Nimbus.
It looks quite well now, the visual differences are because I am running it on the OpenJDK7 codebase, maybe synth has not been updated in JDK7 to work with the ned Nimbus releases:

The first bug was when drawing images with transformations. The solution works (kind of) but is in my opinion very sub-optimal.
I am also fighting with something which could be an xorg-bug, I am not sure ... I prefer to blame my code before others ;)


Patrick hat gesagt…

OK, now I'm seriously impressed. Very nice work! I hope your project will help guide/inspire others to write more backends for Java2D; it seems like it can only help the whole OpenJDK effort. Keep up the good work! Patrick

Dmitri hat gesagt…

Yes, synth in 1.7 is missing many important fixes from 6u10. They will have to be ported when Nimbus is ported to 7..