Sonntag, 1. Juni 2008

Way too much work :-/

It took me the whole weekend to get the line-drawing stuff working for real XRender.

The problem I had was, that although Java2D rendered correctly what I thought were trapezoids, XRender did not like it. I had a look at the Cairo-code which of course has to do the same things, and thanks to the excellent comments I was able to figure it out how to do it.
After all way too much work for something which I supposed would be "hard, but not that".

Performance is really bad, however I know something is wrong with my X-Server.
OProfile showed ~90% spent in, well I plan to switch to Fedora9 as soon as its ready (maybe in a month or so).

Now the good news, the code is basically ready (with some modifications to meet Java2Ds expected behaviour) for:
- Lines with translucent color AND
- AA'ed lines AND
- Lines with width > 1.0
and theoretically even texturepaint.

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