Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008


Today I got the first bits of TexturePaint working:

It performs quite OKish with XAA, I haven't tried with EXA till now. It currently only works for fills, draw() and lines still quite struggly me:

I am also sure its not 100% correct ... the work to make it pixel-perfect compatible with Sun's software implementation quite frightens me ;)
The current Java2D-approach for transformed (>scale) TexturePaints is to fill them using strides, which means just drawing one pixel wide one after another, however on real hardware many small operations are quite expensive. I am curious how it would perform using a MaskFill based approach.

I'll try to get GradientPaints working too, and then find all the stuff which still does not work.

JavaDeus 08:
Tomorrow I'll attend JavaDeus '08 in St.Pölten. Its like a very small JavaOne for Austria, and according to Sun some guys from JavaOne will hold their speeches there too.
Sun provides a free shuttle bus from Vienna to the FH St.Pölten, the only drawback is that bus-transfer is at 8:00 am ;)
I am sure it will be really cool :)

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