Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008

JavaDeus (and Gradients)


... was really great!
The sessions were quite interesting, the location was nice and catering was excellent ;)
I took some photos, however not really good ones:
(It was lunch-time when I took those pictures, the room was not half empty during the sessions ;) )

During the Swing-App-Framework session I couldn't resist and started to implement Gradients.
For now only old-school gradients are supported without transformation (hey but with repeat and without ;)), but this should not cause many troubles (if XRender provides compatible implementation for the other Gradient types too):

Left = XRender, Right = RI

I also had a nice idea howto improve performance in the >scale transformed case, without changing the way Java2D itself works - after all XRender is all about creating masks and bliting with them. So I could just call XCompositeRectangles instead of just Composite.
This however introcuces the extra-alpha implementation problem i mentioned in even more situations, I still don't know howto fix that. Time hopefully will show ;)

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