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Welcome to Linuxhippy's Blog!

Over the next few months this will be the home for my blog about Development of the XRender OpenJDK project.
Its goal is to bring Java2D on Unix on par with the Direct3D implementation which will replace the current design starting with JDK6u10.

The existing X11 backend is very prooven, stable and well tuned, however it falls back to software for many operations which can accalerated more or less efficiently by modern X-Servers using the RENDER extension.
OpenGL is a quite sad story on Linux, especially with free-software drivers and even the proprietary drivers often break it from release to release, so although there is an excellent OpenGL backend for Java2D most Linux-Desktops currently are unable to run it.

So the target for the XRender backend is to replace the existing X11 pipeline over time on Desktop systems, leaving the old there for legancy systems. Although it will not be as capable as the OpenGL-pipeline it hopefully will be able to provide features modern toolkits (like Nimbus) and applications rely on, on most Unix systems by default.

By the way:
This OpenJDK project was proposed at the "OpenJDK Community Innovators' Challenge" and got one of seven slots.
This is really great ... wonderful ... wow ... cool - I thought about the idea of XRender accaleration for Java2D for quite some time now and always had to give up because of time and money constraints. This way I can work on a really favourable, cool and interesting project and ... if everything goes well ... it will allow my to concentrate on univesity and development of free software for quite some time :)

Why "Linuxhippy"?:
Well bad choice a long time ago ... when I was 13 I created my first email account. Yes right, I needed an address and thought it should be something cool ... and because I got used to it I often still use it for my email addresses and as nickname. I got so used to it that I forgot it does irritate many people thinking I am some kind of radical, immature or a hippy. Well ... I am not (at least not a hippy^^).

So Linuxhippy is more like "GoldStar" was in 2000, a name from tha 80's which sounded cool than, but ... well is not that cool anymore. Unlike GoldStar I don't have the time to re-name all my stuff ;)

.... Enjoy!

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