Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2008


Today I worked mostly on an University-Project, I am in a Team of 6 students.
Although some of them had not a lot routine when it came to programming, everybody gave/give their best.
Quite a good feeling to see a project grow, and you know everybody is working hard to make it a success :)

Yesterday I implemented renderImageXform, which means blits with arbitrary transformation, its called for almost any complex blit with transformation or with scaling and billiear/bicubic interpolation.

Which means accalerated rotated blits using XRender:

Left is the XRender rendered image, right the software RI.
For now I simply set an inverted Transformation on the source and composite over the whole destination surface. This could have a bad impact on performance (don't know for sure) and it also means antialiased edges, which differs from the RI -> bad.
Because destination coordinates are not transformed, and XRender does not support shapes, I'll try it triangles and see how it will influence performance (for traps and triangles an implicit mask is generated)

The bottom line is jaggy in both pictures, because I've set a clip which is alway not antialiased.

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Flake hat gesagt…

How did you achieved smooth edges along with transformation?