Sonntag, 18. Mai 2008

How do they ...

I am currently quite a bit puzzled by trying to understand how software-fallbacks work with the OpenGL pipeline.

As far as I understand the X11 pipelines "punt" a pixmap (read it back to sysmem) when GetRasInfoFunc is called, however OpenGL does simply not implement it:
OGLSD_GetRasInfo(JNIEnv *env,
SurfaceDataOps *ops,
SurfaceDataRasInfo *pRasInfo)
JNU_ThrowInternalError(env, "OGLSD_GetRasInfo not implemented!");

Strange, either I completly misunderstood how software-fallbacks work in the X11 pipeline, or the OpenGL pipeline uses some other way to read their surface data back. Maybe this has been done because this way is not compatible with the STR design. Somehow I'll have to find it out ... although I already hestitate to ask at the 2d-dev lists. Its not funny to flood a list with tons of questions...

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